Month: January 2016

A bridge too high

Here’s the latest column about my fearful walk up the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick, Georgia, last weekend. I’m trying to decide what fear to conquer next. I’d like to conquer the fear of losing my hair, but that might take some cooperation from my disinterested scalp.

The Sidney Lanier Bridge

I’m terribly afraid of heights, but my wife and I walked to the top of the way-too-high Sidney Lanier Bridge outside of Brunswick, Georgia, on Saturday. Well, she walked while I kinda crawled along the side waiting for it all to collapse.

If I had a billion dollars …

That’s the subject of my latest Sunday column in the Ledger-Enquirer. I spent $2 buying a Powerball ticket this past week, and that’s my limit for lottery tickets for the year, so I’m done. The Georgia Lottery wants me to “please play responsibly,” so while the most responsible way to play the lottery is to […]

Actors and actresses

I’ve never been able to figure out why the Academy Awards give Oscars for both Actor in a Leading Role and Actress in a Leading Role. I understand why there is an NBA and a WNBA. And I understand why there is a PGA and an LPGA. In athletics, men have some advantages in certain […]

Recalling a warmer day with Jimmy Buffett

#TBT I shot this video with a shaky camera and slapped it together for fun after a Jimmy Buffett show in Atlanta in 2012. After a day that started with my truck frozen over today, it seemed like a good time to revisit this fun day with a lot of scenes of Parrotheads having a […]

Cute kids in Las Peñitas, Nicaragua

I’ve had the opportunity to work in the quaint Nicaraguan fishing village of Las Peñitas on two different weeklong trips. I’ve never been anywhere else that the kids are so poor, yet so happy. They’re happier than our kids here in the United States who have so much more. I was in Nicaragua last month, […]

Let’s play the quiet game?

I was the oldest of six grandchildren on my mother’s side, and every now and then we’d all be together at my grandmother’s house in Ideal, Georgia. I was a perfect child, of course, but all those younger brats could raise a ruckus — which would lead my grandmother to suggest “Let’s play The Quiet […]

2016: The year in preview

It has become an annual tradition for me to peek into the year ahead. I could peek into 2016 and see all the lottery numbers that will be drawn or who will win every pro sports competition, but that would be an abuse of my awesome power. Instead, I want you to know who will […]