Month: March 2016

Sarah Silverman says it best

I find it somewhat ironic that Hillary Clinton’s clinching of the Democratic nomination will likely be the result of dominance in states like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and other Southern states that Republicans will easily win in November. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders does much better in states where the Democrats can actually contend in November. […]

Today’s a good day for some Bible verses

Note: I don’t know whether my column today was too controversial for the Ledger-Enquirer or if they just forgot to post it on the Ledger-Enquirer’s website. Hopefully, it’s the latter. But it had a lot of direct quotes from Jesus that hypocrites hate, so it’s possible that it would have interfered with the hypocrites’ feel-good […]

Moving is the cat’s MEOW

We are currently crammed into a small rental house while we await the construction of a new house — well, actually awaiting the start of construction on a new home. Our cat, Sadie — er, I mean my wife’s cat, Sadie — is not fond of this whole moving thing after having lived her first […]

Going in front of the TV camera

There was a brief period in my life when I did 1-minute commentaries for a Columbus television station’s Friday night newscasts. Other newspaper columnists gave serious TV commentaries Monday through Thursday, so I guess they wanted to lighten things up by giving the local nutjob a chance to change the pace going into the weekend. I […]