Month: May 2016

Disappointing choices for 2016

For the record, I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I doubt I’ll ever be either one. I was a bit of an unofficial young Republican in my youth, swayed by the idealism of Ronald Reagan. Now, I’m an independent swayed by the idealism of Bernie Sanders. While I find myself against many items on […]

A year after breaking up with the Braves

Last year, I wrote a column titled “Why I’m Breaking Up with the Braves.” Based on how they’re playing this year, looks like I did it just in time. In this coming Sunday’s column, I’ll take a look at the after-effects of breaking up with your favorite baseball team — whether or not the breakup […]

Duh study you never needed

Every now and then researchers come out with a new study that truly wows you and utterly changes the way you once thought — a paradigm shift, if you will and if you’re someone who doesn’t regurgitate at the sound of every overly used corporate buzzword from the past 25 years. This study, however, is […]

Into the bargain bin: Books for a buck

I’ve always loved to browse bookstores, especially those with used books and bargain bins. After I published a couple of print books, however, I kinda hoped I wouldn’t find one in the $1 bin. Although, I’ve seen Stephen King, Lewis Grizzard and Mark Twain all wind up in the $1 bin, so I guess I’d […]

Utter lunarcy?

Back in 1999, Jimmy Buffett released his 22nd album, “Beach House on the Moon.” Now, I’m a huge Buffett fan — a Parrothead, if you prefer — but I must say that it just might be the worst one he ever did.  I own the CD, but not a single song from there shows up on […]