Month: June 2016

Fun with health insurance

Every since I had a serious car wreck in 2000, I’ve had too many pleasurable experiences with private health insurance companies to enumerate. Whether it’s not paying what they’re supposed to, inventing new bureaucratic potholes and red tape or just being the usual obstacle between you and your health, it’s always something. And ever since 2000, the rates have been going up. This year I’m with a company called Coventry One, which was recently acquired by Satan’s Health Insurance, Inc. […]

Five years into a new adventure

When I left the newspaper business full-time 5 years ago, the business had gotten very tough. You were either unemployed or extremely employed — and I had gotten extremely employed.  I was burned out, and so were many journalists I knew. Newspaper profits were declining if they existed at all, and the resources just weren’t there to get the job done anymore — yet the expectations of workers just became more onerous. The whole do-more-with-less concept gets wearisome when it […]

My first foray into Facebook Live

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about having to buy a new iPhone because my old piece of junk would not let me film Facebook Live videos, something that is now needed with my real job at The Fuller Center for Housing. Well, I got the phone yesterday and tested out the Facebook Live feature today. Next week, The Fuller Center will begin regular Facebook Live chats. I’ll do it on my writer Facebook page whenever I get […]