Month: March 2018

If you’re ignorant, this post may offend you — I certainly hope so

The image above on the left shows Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez ripping up a target. The image on the right is a fake one shared by millions of ignorant people who believed she was actually ripping up the U.S. Constitution. The kind of folks who share images like the one on the right also are more likely to believe the fake image going around of Gonzalez “attacking a Second Amendment supporter’s car.” Spoiler alert: The original photo is […]

Trump should go all-in on this whole TV administration thing

Lately, President Trump has taken a lot of heat for turning to television for people to fill posts throughout his administration. Of course, that’s simply going to make him even more intent upon doing exactly that. I say the president should double-down on this whole television administration thing. I know he’d like to basically employ all of Fox News, but I think that is far too limiting, and they make a lot more money scaring old white folks in primetime […]

Have I meat-ed the end?

A couple of years ago, I wrote a column to help me cope with my son’s shocking conversion to vegetarianism. I come from a family barely evolved from Cro-Magnon man — you know, those guys who flew on pterodactyls and had their cars tipped over by giant racks of brontosaurus ribs. We have always been meatatarians. As I said at the time, though, everyone should be a vegetarian. It’s way better for the environment, and scientists are pretty insistent that […]

What men look for in underwear is no Secret

Like a lot of husbands, I’ve been accused on occasion of not listening. By “on occasion,” I mean a few times every day. However, my wife knows one way to get my attention: “I got a coupon.” “What’s that?” I’ve also been accused of being a cheapskate, although I prefer terms like frugal or spending-challenged. I’m definitely not embarrassed to present a coupon and save a few bucks. She said it was for a store that specializes in women’s underwear […]

The kids are all right

Today’s column in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer is about some young folks who give me hope for the future — those impassioned, articulate kids from Parkland, Fla.; a group of college kids from Ohio’s Wittenberg University who are working with my nonprofit this week; and my own kids.  I take a couple of jabs at Georgia’s pandering politicians like Casey Cagle (who represents the worst in American politics), but mostly it’s about why you should quit worrying about kids eating Tide […]

It’s about to get tougher for American charities and the poor

If you’re poor, it’s probably not very reassuring when Speaker Paul Ryan touts the extra $1.50 you’re getting in your paycheck. America is turning on you — demonizing the poor, slashing taxes for the rich and reducing incentives to give to charity. Poverty is about to grow, along with financial inequality. Nonprofits like the United Way are expecting big declines in their revenue this year, largely due to the tax reform that disincentivizes donations to charity because standard deductions are […]