Month: March 2018

Trump should go all-in on this whole TV administration thing

Lately, President Trump has taken a lot of heat for turning to television for people to fill posts throughout his administration. Of course, that’s simply going to make him even more intent upon doing exactly that. I say the president should double-down on this whole television administration thing. I know he’d like to basically employ […]

Have I meat-ed the end?

A couple of years ago, I wrote a column to help me cope with my son’s shocking conversion to vegetarianism. I come from a family barely evolved from Cro-Magnon man — you know, those guys who flew on pterodactyls and had their cars tipped over by giant racks of brontosaurus ribs. We have always been […]

What men look for in underwear is no Secret

Like a lot of husbands, I’ve been accused on occasion of not listening. By “on occasion,” I mean a few times every day. However, my wife knows one way to get my attention: “I got a coupon.” “What’s that?” I’ve also been accused of being a cheapskate, although I prefer terms like frugal or spending-challenged. […]

The kids are all right

Today’s column in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer is about some young folks who give me hope for the future — those impassioned, articulate kids from Parkland, Fla.; a group of college kids from Ohio’s Wittenberg University who are working with my nonprofit this week; and my own kids.  I take a couple of jabs at Georgia’s […]

It’s about to get tougher for American charities and the poor

If you’re poor, it’s probably not very reassuring when Speaker Paul Ryan touts the extra $1.50 you’re getting in your paycheck. America is turning on you — demonizing the poor, slashing taxes for the rich and reducing incentives to give to charity. Poverty is about to grow, along with financial inequality. Nonprofits like the United […]