At last, a movie actually worth seeing at the theater — “Dunkirk”

As I explain in my column in today’s Ledger-Enquirer,  it’s very hard for me to find a movie worth two hours of my time or any amount of my money. So, what the critics say matters to me. I usually concur. That most certainly is the case with the World War II flick “Dunkirk,” which has garnered rave reviews.

It’s intense but not gory or gratuitous. Some folks who have been through conflict might find it a little too real, especially on the big screen with booming sound. Then again, as I mention in the column, my grandfather loved war movies despite the fact that he lost both of his legs to Nazi machine-gunners in Tunisia in 1943 while fighting as a member of the legendary Darby’s Rangers.

I don’t do movie reviews, so, in short, go see it. Also, at the end of today’s column, I mentioned First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s two accounts of meeting with my granddad — Cpl. Fred Dixon — during his rehabilitation at Walter Reed in her “My Day” syndicated newspaper column. Here are those two links:

Eleanor Roosevelt’s February 21, 1944 column

Eleanor Roosevelt’s February 25, 1944 column

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