Cagle steps up his pandering with Delta extortion

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has stepped up his game in his attempt to stand out from Georgia’s current crop of right-wingers seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

He was hanging his hat on so-called “religious liberty” — the unofficial litmus test for anyone seeking the GOP nomination that proves you really, really hate gays … as opposed to the other guy who only really kinda hates gays. He vowed he would sign the pro-discrimination bill if it hits his desk in the governor’s office in 2019. And, unfortunately, he probably will be our next governor.

Now, he’s jumping on the I-luvs-my-guns bandwagon that always gains steam after kids are shot. Folks send thoughts and prayers and then rally around their AR-15s and high-capacity magazines.

Some companies are ending relationships with the National Rifle Association — often relationships that offered some form of discount to NRA members. One of those companies is Delta Air Lines, which also has vehemently spoken out against the anti-freedom “religious freedom” agenda.

Today, Cagle took his pandering to the right-wing voters to another level with this extortion of Delta on his Facebook page, an attempt that has gotten a lot of backlash from his constituents:

Revoking a discount is not an “attack” on conservatives, nor is a private entity ending its relationship with another private entity. In fact, you can even be a conservative and back common sense gun control measures. It seems to be antithetical to your pro-capitalist, freedom-loving agenda to be demanding Delta or anybody else give special privileges to a cause like this. You don’t want a baker to have to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, but you do want Delta to have to support the NRA’s gun-selling agenda. #HypocriteMuch?

Of course, it all boils down to the very common, often-bipartisan I’ll-say-anything-to-get-elected approach. And, yes, it’ll probably work, and the only thing you’ll really lose in the process is your integrity and soul. But those don’t get you far in politics these days, especially anywhere “Christian values” are front and center … and distorted beyond belief.

Then again, maybe Cagle just hates Delta and is coming up with any excuse to run them out of Georgia. Perhaps next he’ll ban flying. You’d better believe that if 75 percent of Georgia’s right-wingers decided that airplanes are evil, Cagle’s stump speeches will have a common refrain like: “If God meant for man to fly, He’d have given us wings.”

It’ll be as commonly heard as “We’re gonna build a great wall — and Mexico is gonna pay for it!”

And about as honest.



  • How the ding-dong can he be against something that doesn’t even exist now? If he’s that smart what is he doing in politics?


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