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Sarah Silverman says it best

I find it somewhat ironic that Hillary Clinton’s clinching of the Democratic nomination will likely be the result of dominance in states like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and other Southern states that Republicans will easily win in November. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders does much better in states where the Democrats can actually contend in November. In other words, Hillary has built her huge advantage with states that are irrelevant in the general election — not exactly what I’d want if […]

Sorry, bigots — Georgia is my state and you can’t have it

UPDATE: On Monday, March 28, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced he will veto the bill at issue here, as I and many other suspected he would. Georgia’s efforts to bolster discrimination and uplift bigotry as if it were some sort of Christian virtue have given this otherwise great state a deserved black eye. There is legislation sitting on Gov. Nathan Deal’s desk right now (just to the left over there … no, under the Rubik’s Cube) that opens the door […]

Happy 75th birthday, Linda Fuller: There’s an important note about women here

Linda Fuller might very well be one of the most important women leaders of the last 50 years. If you haven’t heard of her, that’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that she doesn’t seek attention for herself — only for issues about which she cares deeply. One of those issues is simple, decent, affordable housing. You probably have heard of Habitat for Humanity and you should hear about The Fuller Center for Housing. But you wouldn’t […]

To whom it may concern at CNN

I’m not a fan of overtly biased media — whether it’s left-leaning MSNBC or right-leaning Fox News. I do expect a little more from CNN. Lately, though, CNN’s online posts and social media posts have been littered with basic grammatical errors, often in headlines and such. This latest one from CNN’s mobile app wondering “whom” will replace Justice Scalia rises to the top of their recent errors as it would stand to reason that it’s not a typo and that […]

Cam Newton — the petulant, pouty Panther

I’ve never been a Cam Newton fan. It’s rare that a coddled golden child grows into a mature adult, and he certainly lent credence to that theory last night during the Super Bowl’s postgame press conference. Granted, I wish that Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan had Cam’s physical abilities, but given the choice between Superman and Matureman, I’ll take Matureman on my team. Given the theivery that got him kicked off the University of Florida football team and the clouds that surrounding his […]

Sheriff Andy Taylor for president

I’ve long proposed that Sheriff Andy Taylor would make a good president. The man has common sense. He can deal with nuts like Ernest T. Bass without threatening to carpet bomb the hills near Mayberry. He knows when rules need bending. And we’d have Aunt Bee as our First Aunt. Now it might seem a little ridiculous to you that I believe a fictional TV character might be qualified to run for president, but have you seen the reality TV […]

If I had a billion dollars …

That’s the subject of my latest Sunday column in the Ledger-Enquirer. I spent $2 buying a Powerball ticket this past week, and that’s my limit for lottery tickets for the year, so I’m done. The Georgia Lottery wants me to “please play responsibly,” so while the most responsible way to play the lottery is to not play the lottery at all, the next best thing is to set a $2 limit. And, shocker, I didn’t win. But I did ponder […]