Another case of selective non-outrage

In the grand scheme of things, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s latest sideline meltdown is not a big deal. But in addition to behaving like an entitled 4-year-old hyped-up on Fun Dip and Pixy Stix whose parents won’t let him buy a Nerf gun at Wal-Mart, he did push Coach Andy Reid, who was able to stay upright thanks to the fact that he is a human Weeble Wobble. 

The right thing to do would be for Kelce to issue a sincere apology instead of laughing it off, for the Chiefs to fine him and set a standard for grown-up behavior, force him to listen to “Shake It Off” 100 times in a row, and then for everyone to move on. 

But do keep in mind that had this been his equally physically imposing teammate Chris Jones, a black man, doing the same thing, Fox News and hacks like Tucker Carlson would be doing endless rants about the dangerous behavior of out-of-control, lunatic NFL players and whether society as we know it is about to collapse.

Fox News employs many masters of selective outrage. Lately, they’ve been outraged about President Biden’s so-called cognitive decline (duh!) but fail to notice former President Trump confusing Haley with Pelosi and thinking Viktor Orbán is the leader of Turkey. 

If you think Biden is mentally deficient but Trump isn’t, you’re being disingenuous. The only honest observation is that both men are lacking in mental capacity and that we should have way better choices in November. These can’t be the two best folks we’ve got out of 336 million Americans, and if you think either is, then I believe you’re lying to yourself.

If you have trouble picturing the Chiefs’ Chris Jones attacking Andy Reid, then try some political what-ifs. What if it had been thousands of BLM or Muslim protestors storming the Capitol and assaulting officers on January 6? What if 9/11 had happened on Obama’s watch with the exact same circumstances?

Let me help you: The same folks who think the actual January 6 rioters are “patriots” and “political prisoners” would want those other folks mowed down with machine guns to save our democracy. Those same folks who rightfully rallied around President Bush after 9/11 would have wanted Obama hanged for treason.

The left does it, too. What if it had been Ricky Gervais making the same joke Chris Rock made at The Oscars and getting slapped by Will Smith? Let me help you: The vast majority of left and woke folks would be defending Will Smith and screaming about how rude and insensitive Gervais is. Will Smith would’ve gotten a pass. He might’ve even been praised for his heroism.

But back to Kelce. I was a sportswriter for years. I’ve seen immature and aggressive arguments from youth leagues to high schools to colleges and the pros. It happens. Granted, there are lines you can’t cross — such as Latrell Sprewell choking Warriors coach P.J. Carlesimo — but many players have pushed the limits of acceptable behavior when possessed with a maniacal drive to win. Some coaches, too, as well as a few dads and grandmas at youth league games.

I even remember one high school tennis player who occasionally smashed his tennis racket in immature anger at himself and his own failures.

Granted, I was half Travis Kelce’s age at the time.

By the way, if you do condone Kelce’s behavior as mere heat-of-the-moment, well-meaning intensity and passion, try it with your own boss when you think you’ve got a better idea for a business plan. Shove that bank branch manager and scream in the face of that construction site foreman.

Good luck with that.

But, hey, you gotta fight for your right to party!

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