I bring you the message of optimism and hope we all need right now

I know it’s easy to get discouraged when you turn on the news these days — and not just because it’s a commercial break and they’re listing all the side effects for that new clear skin drug Flamoxidedrinaltine. But, yea, I insist be optimistic and hopeful still. No one will notice your explosive diarrhea because they are going to be so distracted by your clear skin. Granted, they may not let you carpool with them again, but still …

Yes, politicians are playing chicken over the debt ceiling and are willing to sacrifice your financial security if that’s what it takes to gain 2 points in an approval poll. Yet, be hopeful.

Yes, the two frontrunners for the 2024 Democratic and Republican presidential nominations are somehow two guys no one wants to run, but be optimistic anyway.

No, no politician will embrace the only kind of approach that can actually reduce the national debt with a common-sense balance of spending cuts and revenue increases. But don’t worry, be happy. Woooooo …

True, there are 2 million migrants itching to rush into the United States like the ending of “Born in East L.A” because politicians know that if they actually tackled immigration reform they wouldn’t be able to blame anyone for immigration problems. Still, don’t fret.

Of course, we will just have mass shooting after mass shooting with nothing actually done about it because no one will admit that the one common red flag in all of them is folks who love guns and can’t seem to get enough of them. Yet, be positive.

I know Russia continues its illegal and ruthless invasion of Ukraine as most of the world stands by — or assists — leading us to wonder if the post-Holocaust mantra of “never again” should be changed to “always again, over and over.” I say fear not!

No, a government divided practically 50/50 cannot get much of anything worthwhile done. No problem!

Hollywood writers are on strike, and your favorite show’s return is on hold indefinitely, along with late-night humor. Laugh still!

Definitely, the right is obsessed with all things gay and trans, while the left won’t let you have any type of discussion about those topics. It’ll all be good, though.

No, no one will truly address climate change until it’s too late. Keep hope alive!

And, yes, inflation will keep going up, CEO salaries will keep going up, and corporate profits will keep going up while the federal minimum wage stays the same as it was in 2009. No worries, mate!

Crime. War. The economy. Big Pharma buying senators. Harlan Crow buying Supreme Court justices. Atlanta traffic. Gnats. It all can seem so overwhelming. Yet, I say …




How is it that I am such a beacon of hope and a ray of skin-damaging sunshine?

What is my inspiration?

Football season is just 16 weeks away.

In case you missed the “Born in East L.A.” reference …

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