If you’re ignorant, this post may offend you — I certainly hope so

The image above on the left shows Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez ripping up a target. The image on the right is a fake one shared by millions of ignorant people who believed she was actually ripping up the U.S. Constitution.

The kind of folks who share images like the one on the right also are more likely to believe the fake image going around of Gonzalez “attacking a Second Amendment supporter’s car.” Spoiler alert: The original photo is of pop star Britney Spears during a freak-out years ago. We have no idea whether the paparazzi she targeted liked the Second Amendment or not.

The kind of folks who share images like that are the kind of folks who actually believe MSD student David Hogg is a crisis actor and not even a student at MSD. Spoiler alert: He’s not a crisis actor, and, yes, he’s a student at the school, a school where his friends — not his crisis actor cast mates — were gunned down … and where he still attends school.

The kind of folks who share all of that fake mess are also more likely to be the ones who scream “FAKE NEWS!” at legitimate journalists and thank President Trump for saying what he means and meaning what he says — such as when he says Mexico will pay for a wall or he had the biggest crowd in inauguration history or he doesn’t know these women or … you get the idea.

The kind of folks who believe President Trump says what he means and means what he says and has brought Jesus back to the White House are the kind of folks who believe Gonzalez should not wear an image of the Cuban flag honoring the heritage of her father (who fled communist Cuba a half-century ago but still loves the country like many right-leaning Cuban-Americans who wave that flag). Of course, these same folks claim it’s “heritage, not hate” when they display their Confederate battle flag representing the treasonous rebellion against our nation more than a century and a half ago that strove to continue enslaving other human beings.

The kind of folks who believe that she was supporting communism with that flag are the kind of folks who share NRA videos claiming that the mainstream media ignored a story about the resource officer who responded effectively to the recent school shooting in Maryland. (I actually learned about it from mainstream media.) But the same NRA won’t tell you now that the suspect actually died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. (You’ll have to learn about that from mainstream media, as well.)

And the folks who would share NRA videos are the kinds of folks who wrongly say these kids want to abolish the Second Amendment and that if you support the First Amendment, then  you must support all of the amendments in the Bill of Rights. Yet, they don’t even support all of the Second Amendment — especially the “well regulated” part. And don’t even bring up the word “militia” with them. It’s one sentence — granted, a poorly crafted one — but you can’t pick and choose what you like from the sentence in the same way you pick and choose what you like from the Bible (usually from Leviticus and Deuteronomy if you’re into discrimination and Making Earth Great Again).

And the same people who embrace all of that ignorance say that these kids are too young and don’t know enough about life yet to express themselves. Fact is, given the choice between these eloquent youth trying to make the world a better place and older ignorant folks who can’t tell basic facts from fiction, I’ll side with the future, thankyouverymuch.

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