Marking one year since I (officially) became a “Fruitcake”

I haven’t done a lot of radio through the years, but I’ve had a few stints in the booth providing genius analysis for high school and college sports, hyping my books, and one show dedicated exclusively to the artistry of mime that I guarantee you’ve never heard.

Yet, the pinnacle of my radio life happened last year at this time when I did an episode of Radio Margaritaville’s “Fruitcakes on the Radio” in which Jimmy Buffett fans get to play and talk about a few of their favorite tunes.

While I picked the song titles, they actually chose the versions to play, and each was a live version. (The studio versions of three of those — “Volcano,” “Creola” and “We Are the People” — are at the bottom of this post.)

You can hear my entire Radio Margaritaville career below. The show aired five months before Jimmy died.



We Are the People

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