Sarah Silverman says it best

I find it somewhat ironic that Hillary Clinton’s clinching of the Democratic nomination will likely be the result of dominance in states like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and other Southern states that Republicans will easily win in November. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders does much better in states where the Democrats can actually contend in November.

In other words, Hillary has built her huge advantage with states that are irrelevant in the general election — not exactly what I’d want if I were the Democratic leadership. Then again, I’m not a Democrat or Republican and likely never will consider myself either one.

It’s weird to me that the two parties’ frontrunners are two candidates who appeal only to small portions of voters. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but not much in politics does.

I did cast my vote in the irrelevant Georgia primary for Bernie — I think that brings his total of Southern white male supporters to about 4. But there are still a lot of relevant states who’ve yet to cast their primary votes. To you folks who can still make a difference, check out comedian Sarah Silverman’s viral video. I wish they’d released this earlier.

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