Lost shaker of salt might be in Scotland

Saylor Johnson on the air

When my son first left for Scotland just before the fall of 2018 to follow his dream of studying at the University of Stirling, I just knew he’d be terribly homesick for everything about America, including his family. He was … for about 27 seconds. He’s fallen in love with the place. The Scots have stolen my son.

He’s happy, though, and getting a good education, and that’s all I really care about. It’s not my life to live. But I’m glad to see that he hasn’t completely forgotten dear old dad.

I know because he texted me yesterday morning to let me know he was on the radio — the university’s Air3Radio to be specific, joining a show hosted by his friend Jules. Thanks to modern technology, I could tune in live. Wasn’t a real big fan of the music, but he made note of it in his second-to-last segment of their show:


To my surprise, he concluded their show with a song for me — Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville.” I’ve never before associated Scotland with anything Margaritaville. Here’s the end of that show:




What do you think about this?