Sheriff Andy Taylor for president

I’ve long proposed that Sheriff Andy Taylor would make a good president. The man has common sense. He can deal with nuts like Ernest T. Bass without threatening to carpet bomb the hills near Mayberry. He knows when rules need bending. And we’d have Aunt Bee as our First Aunt.

Now it might seem a little ridiculous to you that I believe a fictional TV character might be qualified to run for president, but have you seen the reality TV character running? Obviously, anybody can run for president this year!

I’m assuming Andy is running as an independent. It never made sense to me that sheriffs and judges should run as Republicans or Democrats. You either maintain the public safety, or you don’t. You either decide what’s right and wrong or you don’t. They even have partisan races for coroner. On that, however, I’m a staunch right-wing Republican.

If a coroner is ever tasked with the job of deciding whether I’m dead or not, I want him to very conservative about it.

I allowed Sheriff Andy to use my column space this week to make his case in a sort of newspaper town hall. Click here to hear the man out.

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