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If you don’t love these kids, there’s something wrong with you

This is not a post about gun control — pro or con or somewhere in the middle. No, this is about some inspiring kids.

The young people who survived last week’s horrible shooting spree at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have impressed me with their passion for making the world a better place. Right now, the issue may be guns, but I doubt their activism will stop there. As the parent of a young man who will turn 18 tomorrow, I’m excited about the next generation. He’s a good kid, too.

These articulate kids seem to understand that it’s not enough to simply complain and protest. They are demanding accountability from politicians. And — in a move that ought to scare the hell out of career-bought-and-paid-for politicians — they are vowing to vote. And if young folks ever come out to the polls in force, no amount of gerrymandering will be able to stem their power for years to come.

These kids are demanding common-sense gun regulations.  What’s next? Are they going to demand we stop punishing kids financially for going to college? Are they going to want a clean planet? Are they going to try to help sick people instead of treating them as cash cows for greedy pharmaceutical and insurance companies? Are they going to demand campaign finance reform and an end to Citizens United? Are they going to fight income inequality and the debt? Are they going to steer us from a constant state of war? Are they going to work to empower the less fortunate rather than demonizing the poor? Continue reading

Ode to Vladimir Putin

There once was a despot named Putin
For Donald Trump he clearly was rootin’
So he assembled a team
And hatched up a scheme
To fool the fools who were doin’ the choosin’

We’ll invent a few stories to start
Even try to make him look smart
If he appears to be bruised
We’ll call it “fake news”
And summon our friends at Breitbart

Alex Jones will lie with impunity
And El Rushbo will scare the community
We’ll feed the insanity
With the aid of Sean Hannity
And make sure that Mike Flynn has immunity

With the help of Devin Nunes
Who sits on the lap of the prez
We’ll keep on disputin’
Any connection to Putin
And deny anything the New York Times says

Without Hillary life is much sweeter
That’s why I had to defeat her
I needed no spies
Just had to spread lies
To those who believe in a Tweeter

With them in an ignorant haze
Their demise is a matter of days
It won’t be from fake news
But the starvation they choose
After tossing all their microwaves.


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