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Twenty-five years ago, the ink got in my veins for real in Valdosta

It’s hard to believe, but 25 years ago this month I became a full-time newspaperman, taking an entry-level sportswriting job down in Valdosta, Georgia — the high school football mecca just above the Florida state line.

Granted, I’d had part-time newspaper gigs for a couple of years before that as a sportswriter in Americus and Montezuma, but Valdosta was the first real job. It was owned by a company called Thomson Newspapers back then, which had a reputation for being cheap and paying terribly — which I found to be completely, 100 percent true.

But those couple of years in Valdosta were where I truly got my on-the-job training in such newspaper basics as pagination, eating at 24-7 diners, cussing and trash-can kicking. Valdosta truly is a beautiful community with some small-town charm and big-city conveniences, but not too much of either. And there’s nothing like a football Friday night in Valdosta, where I spent an awful lot of time at Martin Stadium and Hyder-Bazemore Field.

That was a long time ago, and I’ve forgotten more than I remember about those days, but there are a lot of folks that I won’t forget from those days, including: Continue reading

A year after breaking up with the Braves

Last year, I wrote a column titled “Why I’m Breaking Up with the Braves.” Based on how they’re playing this year, looks like I did it just in time.

In this coming Sunday’s column, I’ll take a look at the after-effects of breaking up with your favorite baseball team — whether or not the breakup is justified, and I think it certainly was with this management group now running the team.

In short, you can’t just switch allegiances to another team after 40 years of sticking with them through thick and thin.  And there were an awful lot of thin years in the 1970s and 1980s. But even though there were a lot of rag-tag teams back then, they were trying. Management was trying. They may have failed a lot and made some stupid decisions and trades, but it was always in the interest of fielding a winner — not in treading water until a new stadium is built.

So, this Sunday, I’ll take a look at not just life after the Braves, but life after baseball.

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