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Ode to Vladimir Putin

There once was a despot named Putin
For Donald Trump he clearly was rootin’
So he assembled a team
And hatched up a scheme
To fool the fools who were doin’ the choosin’

We’ll invent a few stories to start
Even try to make him look smart
If he appears to be bruised
We’ll call it “fake news”
And summon our friends at Breitbart

Alex Jones will lie with impunity
And El Rushbo will scare the community
We’ll feed the insanity
With the aid of Sean Hannity
And make sure that Mike Flynn has immunity

With the help of Devin Nunes
Who sits on the lap of the prez
We’ll keep on disputin’
Any connection to Putin
And deny anything the New York Times says

Without Hillary life is much sweeter
That’s why I had to defeat her
I needed no spies
Just had to spread lies
To those who believe in a Tweeter

With them in an ignorant haze
Their demise is a matter of days
It won’t be from fake news
But the starvation they choose
After tossing all their microwaves.


If it’s a whale of a story, check it out before sharing

When I started working at the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer in 1997, our newsroom had a beautiful view of the Chattahoochee River — a view that would later be blocked by a Synovus parking garage. One day, while a few newsroom staffers were gazing out a window toward the river and wishing they had normal 9-to-5 jobs, they noticed an unusual amount of folks flocking to the river.

It seems folks had come to see the baby killer whale that had swum all the way up the river, only to get stuck near the Eagle & Phenix Dam (which was blown up a few years ago to make way for the stunning whitewater that now flows there). Sure enough, there it was bobbing up and down. It was bobbing up and down, of course, because it was inflated plastic. It turned out to be a publicity stunt, and I guess it worked.

When I see folks post and share all kinds of incorrect information on social media, even more so during this crazy election season, I’m reminded that folks have always been gullible — it’s just that gullibility seems to be the norm and accepted and excused these days. Continue reading

Disappointing choices for 2016

For the record, I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I doubt I’ll ever be either one. I was a bit of an unofficial young Republican in my youth, swayed by the idealism of Ronald Reagan. Now, I’m an independent swayed by the idealism of Bernie Sanders. While I find myself against many items on the GOP agenda, I also find myself repulsed by the Democratic Party’s shenanigans throughout this primary season.

I’m not a #BernieOrBust guy, though. As much as I disdain Hillary Clinton’s pandering to anyone who can help her get elected, I’m more disgusted by Donald Trump’s pandering to America’s lowest-common-denominators of thinking. So, I’ll be voting for Hillary this fall, just not enthusiastically.

I do believe this is the end of the Republican Party as we know it. After Trump loses the general election, the establishment will either push out the right-wingers, or they’ll flee the right-wingers and let them have the Republican Party. Of course, it may run counter to their instincts, but forming a smaller, more moderate group of former Republicans in a new party would make them the ultimate power brokers in D.C. Nothing would get done without their support from the middle. Continue reading

Sarah Silverman says it best

I find it somewhat ironic that Hillary Clinton’s clinching of the Democratic nomination will likely be the result of dominance in states like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and other Southern states that Republicans will easily win in November. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders does much better in states where the Democrats can actually contend in November.

In other words, Hillary has built her huge advantage with states that are irrelevant in the general election — not exactly what I’d want if I were the Democratic leadership. Then again, I’m not a Democrat or Republican and likely never will consider myself either one.

It’s weird to me that the two parties’ frontrunners are two candidates who appeal only to small portions of voters. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but not much in politics does.

I did cast my vote in the irrelevant Georgia primary for Bernie — I think that brings his total of Southern white male supporters to about 4. But there are still a lot of relevant states who’ve yet to cast their primary votes. To you folks who can still make a difference, check out comedian Sarah Silverman’s viral video. I wish they’d released this earlier.

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