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2017: The year in PREVIEW

For years, I’ve given my readers a sneak preview into the coming year. And, based on analyses provided by Russian intelligence agents, I’ve yet to be wrong about anything. Ever. My 2017 year in preview was published Tuesday by the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, but if you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t — or can’t — read. So, for your listening pleasure, I’ve asked the Margaritahill Times audio department to provide a podcast version of the 2017 year in preview. You […]

Sorry, bigots — Georgia is my state and you can’t have it

UPDATE: On Monday, March 28, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced he will veto the bill at issue here, as I and many other suspected he would. Georgia’s efforts to bolster discrimination and uplift bigotry as if it were some sort of Christian virtue have given this otherwise great state a deserved black eye. There is legislation sitting on Gov. Nathan Deal’s desk right now (just to the left over there … no, under the Rubik’s Cube) that opens the door […]