Your Taylor Swift opinion speaks volumes … about you

I wonder how many men who are triggered by the lady on the left cheering at NFL games have also railed against women like the one cheering on the right.

Many of these men claim that Taylor Swift is seeking out and relishing the attention even as she sits in stadium sky boxes and clearly loathes having TV cameras constantly following her around as she cheers for her boyfriend. I’m pretty sure the scantily clad lady on the right relishes the attention far more out there on the field and sidelines.

Today, there are thousands upon thousands of girls watching football with their dads, granddads, brothers and uncles so they can catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift up there in her Chiefs sweatshirt — sometimes shown for upwards of 47 seconds per three-hour football game. (Oh, the agony!) For decades, girls have watched their dads, granddads, brothers and uncles stare at television sets as football games went to commercial or emerged from a break by showing the score against the backdrop of a scantily clad lady dancing and preening for the camera.

As a man, think about which triggers you more, and think about what it says about your priorities.

I’m not railing against NFL cheerleaders or the dancers who take the court at NBA games. I’m merely saying that after all the time TV cameras have featured close-ups of these women through the years, maybe you Taylor Swift haters can survive this horror you are experiencing for 47 seconds during each Chiefs game. (That likely will increase to a full two minutes on Super Bowl Sunday, so brace yourself.)

In the meantime, think about which of the two women in this photo you would rather your daughter or sister or niece emulate or admire. Again, absolutely nothing against the woman on the right. She may be an extraordinarily talented dancer and a huge football fan for all I know. But I’m not on social media railing against her every week. By all means, dance away. And, by all means, fellas, keep pretending you’re closely analyzing the score and how much time is left before play resumes.

As for you, Miss Swift, ignore the haters. You clearly have plenty of folks who love you.

Actually, on second thought, embrace the haters. It’s way more fun.

Trust me on that one.

What do you think about this?