The kids are all right

Today’s column in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer is about some young folks who give me hope for the future — those impassioned, articulate kids from Parkland, Fla.; a group of college kids from Ohio’s Wittenberg University who are working with my nonprofit this week; and my own kids.  I take a couple of jabs at Georgia’s pandering politicians like Casey Cagle (who represents the worst in American politics), but mostly it’s about why you should quit worrying about kids eating Tide Pods and be optimistic. They haven’t been Cagle-ized yet. They still have integrity. So, check out the column. Also, you can see my interview with one of the kids in the Fuller Center for Housing video below, along with a gallery of their first day’s work Monday. Rain drove us off the roof today, but the group is helping another nonprofit here in Perry, Georgia, this morning.

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