TRAVEL VLOG: The new and improved El Salvador

I just returned from my second trip to El Salvador — two years apart — with The People Helping People Network and The Fuller Center for Housing. I’ve shared some impressions in the video below. 

My main purpose was to capture some of the stories those two outstanding nonprofits are doing to empower and uplift Salvadoran families and how they are taking advantage of that hand-up to make their lives better. It’s a contagious success that can be seen throughout rural communities and in bustling San Salvador.

Ms. Olympia (pictured above with yours truly) lives in a pitiful shack but is in line to become one of the next homeowners of a simple, decent home in Ahuachapán, joining 148 other families who are now safe and happy. You’ll meet her and homeowners who have no interest in immigrating to America now that they have decent places to live — including The Fuller Center’s

Meanwhile, with The People Helping People Network, we distributed food, shoes, and wheelchairs, and visited a children’s burn hospital, a cancer care center, orphanage, home for the elderly and other important sites and programs that are supported by PHP, some of which would not exist without them.

After checking out the video, I hope that you will (1) take another look at El Salvador and forget some horror stories of the past, and (2) consider supporting effective nonprofits like The Fuller Center for Housing and The People Helping People Network when it’s time for your year-end giving.

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