The trickle-down fairy tale is losing steam

After the GOP trotted out every employee who got a one-time bonus and Speaker Paul Ryan touted the school secretary getting an extra $1.50 in her paycheck, the truth is starting to come out that — surprise — the Republican tax bill is mainly helping corporations and millionaires. Hmm, where’s my shocked-face emoji?

Even Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has recently come out saying there’s no evidence that the tax bill is helping American workers. Corporations are using it to buy back stocks and increase dividend payments. Meanwhile the deficit is soaring, and the debt is climbing to untenable levels. Ultimately, the American worker and the poor will not only see virtually no reward from the tax bill, but they’ll wind up suffering the most because of it.

Of course, Rubio must decide whether he’s going to keep pitching the party line of how great this bill is working or he’ll have to separate himself from the crowd to make sure that he doesn’t suffer political harm when his constituents realize they’ve been scammed. I suspect he’ll backtrack on his criticism and try to find a vague middle ground where folks will forget whether he was for or against this bill.

Or, he could pitch the plan I pitched in November when they were still deciding how bad of a bill they could craft. Now that it has been proven yet again that trickle-down economics is a fairy tale, try trickle-up economics.

It would work for all Americans.

And that’s why it would never pass.

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