To whom it may concern at CNN

I’m not a fan of overtly biased media — whether it’s left-leaning MSNBC or right-leaning Fox News. I do expect a little more from CNN.

Lately, though, CNN’s online posts and social media posts have been littered with basic grammatical errors, often in headlines and such. This latest one from CNN’s mobile app wondering “whom” will replace Justice Scalia rises to the top of their recent errors as it would stand to reason that it’s not a typo and that someone made the conscious decision to give the word “whom” new life in the subjective form.

Now, I’m not a grammar Nazi, and I’ve made my share of errors. Most of those errors were in print, even in headlines. That meant that we had to live with our mistakes. But errors online and in social media can be corrected, usually within seconds. I still make errors from time to time in posts. You might not catch them, however, because I’m conscientious and, apparently, not as lazy as CNN.

Of course, I’m just a yupneck with a website and a part-time newspaper columnist gig.  My credibility is not at stake when I make an error. CNN’s credibility is at stake. It’d be nice to know they cared about that once in a while.

Perhaps if we renamed mistakes “Trumps,” CNN would give them more attention — maybe even too much.


UPDATE: Shortly after I posted this, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed the other side of not understanding who/whom:



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