A new place to watch some favorite TV shows

There was a time, boys and girls, when folks who watched TV didn’t have all the fancy advantages and options you have these days.

We couldn’t watch shows on phones because phones consisted of an earpiece and mouthpiece hanging on the kitchen wall. We remember when shows were black and white — and not for some artsy effect — and when there were three channels, two of which you could see semi-clearly. That’s all back when the TV weighed 3,000 pounds and took up half the living room.

The most significant advantage TV watchers have today is a gazillion sources of shows — cable, satellite, Netflix, Hulu, Disney-Plus, HBO-Max and on and on and on. You probably have a subscription for about 12 of them, four of which you actually watch.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of free streaming services — including Tubi, Sling, Crackle, Vudu, Xumo and my new favorite, Typo. You might not have heard of Typo, but you need to check them out because they have a huge lineup of great TV shows you’ve probably seen, including:

Alf in the Family: An alien bigot comes to Earth and settles in with a family in Queens, N.Y. He hates Jews, black folks, Hispanic folks and really all humans. But he loves cats … for dinner anyway.

The Cosby Shot: No matter how friendly and funny Dr. Huxtable appears to be, if he offers you a shot, don’t drink it.

The Vampire Dairies: This series is popular with a younger crowd and features a whole bunch of vampires, witches and werewolves with insatiable appetites for cheese and milk products.

Barney & Fiends: Yes, one for the children. A friendly purple dinosaur with a mouth full of molars enlists a bloodthirsty group of velociraptors to hunt down and eat children to teach them life lessons such as “Know when to keep your mouth shut.”

The Incredible Hunk: Everybody loves this action show based on the comic book hero newspaper columnist from Possum Holler who turns into a much better looking guy when he gets angry. Which is a lot. I mean, a lot … especially when he’s driving.

The Wetsons: The first animated series on the list. Though an old cartoon, it takes a look deep into the future when folks have robot maids to clean up their homes because humans have lost control of their bladders.

The Big Dang Theory: Four redneck buddies sit on the rotting back deck of a trailer and discuss conspiracy theories, such as microchips in vaccines and Democrats eating babies.

The Dudes of Hazzard: A couple of skinny skater punks from California move to a North Georgia county full of crazy-driving hillbillies and get their butts whupped at the Boar’s Nest when they ask Daisy to turn the channel to the soccer game.

Dung Fu: Classic television featuring the exciting Chinese martial art of flinging animal feces at each other — featuring cameos from several members of Congress.

And my personal favorite …

One Day at a Lime: How one guy copes with the craziness of everyday life by writing stupid newspaper columns and making frozen margaritas.

So, as you can see, Typo has plenty of options for your viewing pleasure. Then again, perhaps you might appreciate Typo’s music streaming service with legendary artists such as Deaf Leopard, Polly Darton and the Walking Heads.

Better yet, we could all stand to read a little more, and the Typo Online Library includes such classic fiction as “The Wind in the Pillows,” “The Handmaid’s Tail” and every novel by the great Charles Lickens.

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