Utter lunarcy?

Back in 1999, Jimmy Buffett released his 22nd album, “Beach House on the Moon.” Now, I’m a huge Buffett fan — a Parrothead, if you prefer — but I must say that it just might be the worst one he ever did.  I own the CD, but not a single song from there shows up on my extensive Buffett playlist on Spotify.

But the album’s title track is an interesting concept. There are seas on the moon, after all. Of course, the Sea of Tranquility is no Gulf of Mexico as it has significantly fewer drunk teenagers and rednecks — two groups that at various times in my life were “my people.”

However, it appears you can actually have a beach house on the moon. Or any kind of house. All you need is a lot to build upon — and you can get an acre of the moon for $24.99. That’s the going rate on LunarEmbassy.com, where you can get the same price for an acre on Mars or buy Pluto — the whole darn ex-planet — for just $250,000.

My wife and I recently purchased a lot on planet Earth, but in this coming Sunday’s column, I wonder whether we should have expanded our search. Then again, even final frontier-exploring Captain Kirk was from Iowa.

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