VIDEO & GALLERY: Why we love Saint Simons Island

Short of having my own private Caribbean island, there’s really no place I’d rather relax by the ocean than on one of Georgia’s Golden Isles — specifically among them, Saint Simons Island.

The place has maintained its notable history dating back to colonial times and pirate days while also providing modern comforts in the forms of restaurants, shops, roads, recreation and everything you would expect of a town with 16,000 residents.

Its beaches are mostly compacted sand as a result of the wildly changing tides, but they allow for many more activities than most beaches. And because they get very wide at times, there is plenty of elbow room.

There also are no towering condos to disturb the views. There are plenty of inns and condos, as well as beach homes, mansions and quaint cottages. The vibe is fun but relaxing. If you’re looking for wild and out, this ain’t your place — you won’t like it, and they’re OK with that.

And, more importantly, I’m OK with that. Move along, party animals.

For more on the crown jewel of Georgia’s Golden Isles, see the video above or the gallery below, each captured during our most recent island getaway on Easter weekend 2024.

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